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Colin Simms

Principal Therapist & Pain Slayer

“Five minutes with me will help you change the way you think about the things you feel, and change the way you feel about the things you think.”

Award winning therapist Colin Simms a.k.a. ‘The Pain Slayer’ a.k.a. ‘The Miracle Man’ started his journey after miraculous healing from 27 years of debilitating Asthma and 7 years of concussion following a road traffic accident, which left him unable to communicate to his fullest potential. This experience left him in no doubt that you don’t have to live with pain and suffering forever.

Having worked in the Creative Arts, Health and Social Care for a combined 18 years, Colin felt the burning passion to embark in the area of holistic health. So for the past 15 years he has reached out to those who suffer with pain and limitations.

Since 2012, people who have suffered in pain for many years, travel across the world to see him at his UK based Health and Wellbeing Centre in the West Midlands in order to experience fast pain relief. His portfolio includes the R.A.F, Primary Care Trusts and Social Services. Multiple World Champion Martial Artist ‘Kirkwood Walker’, Champion Body Builders such as ‘John Collins’ and Basketball Star ‘Clive “Sky” Allen’.

His clientele also includes leading UK companies like Carillion and Banks’s Brewery. He has been a sought after speaker in establishments such as Birmingham University presenting workshops on “stress in the workplace”. Colin’s current specialism in musculoskeletal fast pain relief has also catapulted his unique skills into serving the UK’s Capital City, London.

Colin is a successful entrepreneur, Holistic Therapist, Coach and author of the upcoming book “The Miracle Man”. He is now in demand internationally as a Speaker and Pain Slayer!

Where to find Colin

Having a therapist who not only has the ability but also the understanding of exactly what your body needs, is very important. The therapies Colin offers are second to none. I would recommend him to anyone
D. Stourbridge