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Michael "Mike" Reid

Master Natural Health Practitioner

“In the pursuit of personal excellence.”

Michael is a passionate and inspirational mentor in personal development, optimum nutrition, exercise therapy. He is also a Natural Health Practitioner a qualified Pranic Healer and an enthusiastic researcher practicing both in the UK and abroad for over 30 years.

Michael was a Master Trainer for Virgin Health Clubs, qualified in Nutrition and in Lifestyle Consultancy. Mike has a wealth of knowledge with Diplomas in Nutritional Therapy, Holistic Therapy and Stress Management, RSA, YMCA and BAWLA qualified.

Awarded most promising athlete of 1989 by Coventry City Council, he is affiliated with the fitness professional association Fitpro which is highly regarded as an industry standard in health and well-being.

As well as appearing on the ITV programme Body Heat, Michael successfully completed the 8 country miles 202 Staffordshire Toughguy Challenge, and has contributed to several national and local publications and lectured in his subject nationwide.

Mike has proudly trained prominent and sporting individuals, including a Brunei Prince, a member of the Para-troop regiment, 4 x 4 Olympian cyclist Brian Steel and candidates for Sky TV’s X-Zone Ultra National Championships as well as helping clients with bulimia and anorexia related problem.

Michael is now a visionary and leader helping to build a better future, working with individuals to understand the power of mindfulness, imagination, insightfulness, and boldness. He presents a challenge to his clients, that calls forth the best in them and brings them together around a shared sense of purpose. He works with the power of intentionality and alignment with their higher purpose.

His desire to share his commitment to holistic health, coupled with his tenacity as a performer and enthusiasm as an educator, have made him the popular choice of many as a Wellness Coach.

Where to find Michael

Mike tailors his coaching to meet individual needs. Focussing on physical, mental and nutritional health, covering breathing and lung function, immune system building, muscle growth, stamina - with professional and continual advice on supplements and how to get the best from 'natures pharmacy' to detox and put the body in balance. Positivity, calm and self-awareness always playing a key role in your road to improvement. The benefits gained through Mikes years of study, research and experience in the Health industry, for me, have been life-changing
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