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Nadia Nirvana

The Holistic Nurse

“When the Mind, Body & Soul are nurtured in an environment conducive to healing the outcome is optimal health & vitality”

Nadia is an experienced ‘Registered Nurse’ as well as a qualified ‘Massage Therapist’ of 10 years and a keen ‘Martial Artist’. An advocate for evidence-based practice, Nadia utilises her knowledge, research skills and experience within the field of neurology and neuroscience to assist her patients and clients to make the right choices for optimal health.

As an inspirational speaker and empowerment mentor, Nadia’s students (the future of nursing) are taught to move away from the biomedical model of assessment towards a more holistic approach. Students assess the whole person rather than just the ailment, paying attention to psycho-social factors in order to support the patient, risk assess and produce an effective care plan.

Nominated twice for the UCLH Celebrating Excellence Awards in 2015 and 2017, Nadia prides herself as a leader in keeping at the forefront of improving care, staying in tune with the needs of the patient/client.

Nadia has a passion for self-care, which stems from her own experience where she encountered a significant amount of stress during her time as a newly qualified nurse. Nadia refers back to those first six months working in a high paced ‘Acute Brain Injury Unit’ and Neuro-medical ward as ‘intense’. Constantly being in fight or flight mode, the unpredictable rotas, the hormone disrupting night shifts, level of responsibility and accountability added to personal pressures, resulted in Nadia’s health deteriorating rapidly. The honour and privilege of caring for the vulnerable whilst neglecting self-care took a toll on her body with drastic hormonal changes, weight gain, joint pain and headaches… things had to change. Nadia knew the only answer would be a holistic one and set out on a mission to heal naturally.

Today Nadia is CEO of Nirvana Health Global a company, which was born out of her zeal for helping humanity live a life that is congruent with nature and in alignment with true purpose. The understanding that the Mind, Body and Soul flourish and thrive in a non-toxic environment became the company’s ethos and strategic philosophy.

I am so grateful to have Nadia as my mentor, she has helped me to understand the importance of my role and encouraged me to feel empowered. I really appreciate Nadia sharing her knowledge and insight with me as she has taught me well and I have achieved all my learning objectives. Working with Nadia has been an enjoyable learning experience and I feel very supported and much more confident to achieve my goals.
K. Young