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Sophia Michel

Author and Health & Happiness Coach

“Happy is healthy”

Medically retired twice by the age of 40, diagnosed with a rare neurological condition, and having sustained medical injuries from the very medications prescribed to manage the debilitating condition, Sophia Michel gave new meaning to the term ‘Physician Heal Thyself’ and her role as an independent health researcher began.

Sophia now works with clients utilising cutting-edge bio-communication Perception Reframing and Health Scan technology to discover underperforming organs, body systems, AND emotional stressors at the root of dis-ease and distress; and delivers programs, workshops and talks to help others live healthier and happier with more ease, control and empowering insight and clarity.

Sophia is co-founder of Paradigm Pure Health, a qualified Electro-Mechanical Technician, Life Coach, College Lecturer and Relationship Workshop Facilitator as well as Wife, Mum, Grandma, Independent Health Researcher, Health & Happiness Coach, and Author of the upcoming book ‘Energised Anyway: Chronic Illness Flip That Bitch Into A Gift’.

So grateful to have received a full health scan from Paradigm Pure Health! I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy and level of detail of what was revealed. Had no idea this kind of technology even existed until now. It was a little overwhelming at first seeing all the red flags and the things that are affecting my body, but I was immediately put at ease by the wonderful Sophia Michel who explained everything and gave me a clear and straightforward course of action. This lady is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I absolutely recommend her work to everyone! Thank you so much! Will be coming back for sure.
A. Seitmagzimova